General Processing LLC is proud to announce the grand opening of our CBD extraction facility at 18668 B50 Road in Delta, Colorado, on May 20, 2019.

General Processing offers high-quality cryogenic alcohol extraction, a method proven to achieve some of the highest extraction yields in the industry. This process allows the fats and lipids present in the hemp flower to remain in the biomass (or biomaterial) rather than in the crude CBD oil. This process also eliminates the need for dewaxing or winterization of the CBD oil, further preserving the quality and potency of the product.

CBD Quality Guaranteed Through Extensive Testing

As a state-of-the-art CBD extraction facility, we have implemented a three-step, third-party testing process for purity and efficacy. The raw hemp is tested against heavy metals and pesticides. Then the CBD oil is tested twice at two different stages of production. Additionally, the final product in the wholesale or white label bottles is tested before being sold.

General Processing is now open for business to all hemp farmers who wish to have their biomaterial processed into valuable CBD oil and retailers looking for consistent supply of CBD products from a trusted extraction facility. Hemp farmers, retailers, and distributors looking to work with General Processing should call or email the office at 970-874-2975 or A large drying facility is also available at our Delta location so we can take raw hemp straight from the fields.

CBD retailers who wish to white label our pure and potent CBD products may also contact us. We will negotiate any size order and terms, although minimum quantities may apply.