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Are you interested in buying our fine CBD products? Are you interested in CBD distribution? Do you wish to become a white label cannabinoid or white label CBD products distributor?

We are excited to hear from you! Please read on to discover what makes General Processing one of the top white label CBD USA manufacturers and sets us apart from other CBD oil distillers.

Why General Processing?

Colorado’s Ideal Conditions

Colorado offers ideal conditions for growing high-quality hemp. It is blessed with clean waters, fresh air, uniquely suited temperatures, and a great climate for farming hemp. Since we only procure our hemp from known and trusted hemp Colorado farmers, we can guarantee a first-class product thanks to the excellent hemp that goes into its making.


We know all our farmers personally and regularly ask them to test their soil for pesticides, heavy metals, and other unwanted materials. We work closely with them to ensure that the hemp which enters our facilities is of premium quality.

General Processing has first-hand knowledge of hemp cultivation and we know what it means to be a hemp farmer. That is why we can share our knowledge with local farmers and help them make the best out of their crop. It is this fixation with the purity of the hemp that goes into our product that has made us one of the best CBD producers in Colorado.


We repeatedly run a number of full-panel tests throughout the production process, covering all three production stages. First, we test the hemp that enters our facilities. We then test the crude CBD oil. Finally, we test the distillate oil at the end of the process—twice, to ensure its high quality. The labs which tests our products are certified for cannabis byproducts.

This means that our CBD oil has been thoroughly tested and is of guaranteed purity. Are you interested in CBD white label services? If so, you’ll be pleased to know that we are more than happy to share our test results with you. Also, the tracking system that we have implemented means that we know—as will you—which farmer the hemp that went into your batch of CBD oil.

Our Brand New Hemp Processing Facilities

Our production facilities are brand new and constantly expanding. We started in December 2018. Since then, we have already expanded into a new drying facility and more buildings. We recently installed new equipment to produce broad-spectrum distillate CBD, using a non-invasive organic method of filtering out THC (the psychoactive component found in hemp). We extract our CBD oil using the cryogenic alcohol extraction method, which ensures that we get the most out of the hemp flowers in both quantity and quality terms.

Our production facilities are fully transparent because we want our buyers to feel safe when they are purchasing our products. Coupled with our extensive quality control, General Processing can produce the finest white label CBD oil in Colorado.

Passion for Entrepreneurship

General Processing was founded by a group of business leaders experienced in setting up and running a business. Their secret? They always aim at being the best in their field and takes pride in what they do. They will never cut corners or sell a defective product.

Their philosophy of quality in their businesses, people, and products makes their companies successful. As a local Colorado business who is loyal to their employees, the people running General Processing are the best at their work—and this shows in the quality of the end products. This makes General Processing the perfect partner for any white label CBD Company.

The team at General Processing loves to personally show prospective buyers the facilities so that they can share their vision.

How Do I Become a CBD Distributor?

As a major CBD oil producer, General Processing can negotiate contracts with manufacturers interested in bulk buying or a white label/no label production.

Bulk producers can use our CBD oil as an ingredient in the products they manufacture, whether these are beauty merchandise or edibles.

We are equally happy to provide CBD oil to white label/Blank Label CBD producers and would love to hear from CBD oil wholesalers and CBD product manufacturers.

Wholesalers and CBD white label Companies

Each business is different. We know what running a business involves and what makes a retail business different from a white label one. Manufacturers have different requirements than wholesalers. Bearing that in mind, here at General Processing we negotiate contracts on an individual basis, to offer our clients maximum flexibility and to meet their unique needs.

White label CBD companies and wholesalers interested in our top-quality products and amazing prices can negotiate with us their contracts, minimum orders, and cancellation policies, according to their needs and our production abilities and capacities. We offer swift delivery of one or two business days because we are always well-stocked.

We welcome working with manufacturers interested in white label hemp products and wholesalers who have a resellers license. However, we will not exclude businesses from setting up a wholesale account with us even if they don’t carry such licenses yet.

What Can CBD Oil Be Used For?

If you are a manufacturer or wholesaler with a beauty or food and beverage range of products, you need to consider expanding into CBD oil. It should be stressed that all of our white label CBD products conform to the 2018 Farm Bill, which states that THC levels should be lower than three-tenths of one percent (<0.3%).

  • White label CBD oils/tinctures with a dropper. This is the most unprocessed form of CBD. We sell this product in 900 and 1500 mg concentrated strengths
  • White label CBD capsules or pills which can be taken with water. These can vary in concentration. We sell this product in 5 mg, 15 mg, and 25 mg strengths in a soft gel form. We also sell four signature power formulas in softgels: REST for natural sleep; MOXIE for women’s hormonal health, VITALITY for peak energy, and MOVE for joint health. All of our CBD softgels include 25 mg of full spectrum CBD oil.
  • White label CBD creams, lotions, moisturizers, gels, body butters, and balms. [Coming soon; inquire for availability.]
  • White label CBD edibles such as candies and gummies. [Coming soon; inquire for availability.]
  • White label CBD powders. [Coming soon; inquire for availability.]
  • White label CBD sprays. [Coming soon; inquire for availability.]

Whatever you want to use our CBD oil for, we want you to know that you will be purchasing the best CBD oil in Western Colorado at the best price!

How is Our Hemp Farmed?

Here at General Processing, we want to ensure that our farmers give us the cleanest and purest hemp produce possible. Here is how farmers grow the hemp produce that makes its way into our CBD oil.

Hemp seeds are initially planted under supervised conditions in greenhouses. Humidity, sunshine, water, and wind are controlled to give an initial boost to the small plants.

As the seedlings grow, climatic conditions in the greenhouse are progressively loosened. Windows and greenhouse sides are opened so that the plants get hardier and more acclimatized to real field conditions.

After four weeks, hemp plants are transplanted in the field. It usually takes around 90 days for the plant to reach maturity.

Colorado hemp production offers one growing season per year. Hemp plants are planted in the field in June, with the exact date depending on the weather, and they are harvested from September onwards.

The actual time to maturity depends on weather conditions. Ideal temperatures for hemp plants are between 85 and 95 degrees with plenty of sunshine. Cooler weather means that the heat units necessary for plant maturation are not reached (a heat unit is estimated as the time the weather is 85 degrees with full sunshine). As a result, rainy or cloudy days extend the growing season. Temperatures above 95 degrees take their toll on the hemp plant; too much heat also means that the plant requires more water.

The high hemp farm profit per acre has encouraged the creation of new varieties, which are constantly appearing on the market. With both small-scale and large-scale hemp farming getting increasingly involved, more people are breeding plants and creating new varieties.

We are excited to be part of this new wave in USA hemp farming and are looking for white label CBD manufacturers and wholesalers to become our partners in this promising endeavor. We’d love to hear from you!

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