Welcome to General Processing,

a Colorado CBD Extraction Company

Quality Controlled. Tested. Pure.

General Processing is a state-of-the-art CBD extraction facility located in western Colorado. We offer hemp oil extraction services and premium wholesale CBD products in three forms: white label, custom label and branded. We also offer bulk processed CBD materials to meet your own production needs.

Our premium, locally grown hemp, and rigorous, third-party testing standards throughout the entire production process, ensure that our CBD products are consistently of the highest quality and purity. WE GUARANTEE IT.

Featured Product -Custom Strength Bulk CBD Tincture

For anything you dream of infusing, we have you covered! We are now offering made-to-order, custom strength CBD tinctures to meet the needs of your special product. If you already know the specifications you want, that’s great – contact us and we’ll get started. If you have an idea and would like to discuss the possibilities, that’s great, too! We’re happy to help. Either way, you can rest assured that your project will be made with some of the purest CBD on the market.

What Makes Western Colorado Hemp Superior?



Western Colorado irrigation water comes straight from pure mountain snow-melt runoff.


Populated with only small cities and towns, and virtually no industry other than agriculture, Western Colorado boasts some of the cleanest air in the state.


Already recognized nationally for its Palisade Peaches, Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn, Grand Valley Wines and Cedaredge Apples, Western Colorado’s fertile soil is now producing a new premium crop – High Quality CBD Hemp.

Quality and Accountability

We are proud of our product and stand behind the quality. But how do we produce it in a way that ensures both accountability and high quality?

Getting from hemp to CBD oil is a process which starts with raw hemp—an agricultural product. It arrives at our facility in raw form. All of our Colorado hemp sellers carry the appropriate CDA registration and provide us with COAs (Certificates of Analysis) which show THC and CBD percentages in the raw hemp.

Once the hemp has entered our facility, it is processed according to our tracking system. This system follows our product every step of the way, from dried hemp to CBD oil. As a result, we can trace a specific CBD jar back to the hemp bag it originated from, and we know which producer it has come from. This ensures the accountability of all of our suppliers.

From the Hemp Plant to CBD Oil

The first step of our CBD oil extraction process is to separate the flower from the hemp, as the value of CBD lies in the flower alone. The hemp flowers are gathered in bags, which are weighed and tracked. Next, we use Ethyl Alcohol extraction to pull the hemp plant product out of the flowers in liquid form. We then separate the alcohol from the extract by means of evaporation. It should be noted that the separated alcohol can then be reused, which makes the process both environmentally friendly and highly efficient. Finally, we distill the crude CBD oil into full-spectrum distilled oil. The end product is a clear, honey-like product of full-spectrum CBD oil. This product must be tested and diluted to meet the federal requirement of .3% THC before sold to the consumer.

Quality Control

Once we have our final product in our hands, we go through in house quality control and third-party testing. Our testing process is thorough and constant, while, as mentioned before, our exact tracking system means that we can track any of our jars of CBD oil to a single crop.

Our on-staff chemist trains our staff and oversees the testing process. One important aspect of CBD oil extraction is to test the production process every step of the way. We test the flowers, the crude, and the distilled product.

Third-Party Testing

No matter how much faith we have in our internal quality controls, we don’t rely on that alone. To ensure our product’s excellence, we send it to third-party labs for testing as well. We collaborate with a local lab testing facility with Colorado certification that also qualifies them for THC level compliance.

Looking to the Future

Our quality control practices are some of the best in any business.

We are also building its own drying facility in order to quickly dry freshly harvested hemp for best results.

Our goal? To become the highest quality Colorado CBD oil extraction company and, indeed, one of the top USA hemp companies!

We are constantly investing in knowledge and upgrading our infrastructure so as to offer the best quality CBD oil in Colorado.