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General Processing is a state-of-the-art CBD extraction facility located in western Colorado.  We also offer bulk processed CBD materials to meet your own production needs.

Our premium, locally grown hemp, and rigorous, third-party testing standards throughout the entire production process, ensure that our CBD products are consistently of the highest quality and purity. WE GUARANTEE IT.



We could go to the open market and buy industrial hemp in bulk, as other CBD oil producers do, but we don’t.  We strongly believe that knowing where our hemp comes from is possibly the single most important factor in guaranteeing the quality of our CBD products. When growing hemp for CBD oil, every detail in hemp farming matters, from the hemp strains and seed, to the soil requirements. We strive to buy hemp flower that has the highest levels of cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes. We are particularly keen on using hemp plants with genetics developed not only for high CBD, but also CBG and CBN, as all these cannabinoids come through in the distillate. The wider the spectrum of substances in the hemp flower, the more beneficial the distillate CBD oil will be.

When we buy from certified local western Colorado farmers, we know that the hemp we are buying meets our high standards for purity and quality. We know that it was not grown in soil contaminated with heavy metals, not sprayed with pesticides, not grown in areas with high levels of air and water pollution. Yes, we could go to the open market and buy hemp from China or other unknown sources, but why would we when Western Colorado’s ideal growing conditions produce some of the finest hemp in the world?



Western Colorado irrigation water comes straight from pure mountain snow-melt runoff.


Populated with only small cities and towns, and virtually no industry other than agriculture, Western Colorado boasts some of the cleanest air in the state.


Already recognized nationally for its Palisade Peaches, Olathe Sweet Sweet Corn, Grand Valley Wines and Cedaredge Apples, Western Colorado’s fertile soil is now producing a new premium crop – High Quality CBD Hemp.


HEMP IS A “BIOACCUMULATOR” meaning that it absorbs and collects substances from the soil it’s planted in, as well as the water and air around it. Because of this, it is used all over the world to clean heavy metals, toxins and chemicals from contaminated soil in a process called phytoremediation. Click the following link to read a CBS News article demonstrating this. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/cannabis-plant-soil-decontamination-italy-vincenzo-fornaro/.  

They are even using hemp to clean up radioactive soil at Chernobyl. Consequently these toxic substances build up in the hemp plant and can be found in its extracts. Unless you enjoy consuming arsenic, cadmium, lead, herbicides and pesticides, you should be very particular about where and how the hemp that goes into your CBD oil is grown.

Side note: In a report released by the Chinese government, nearly 20% of all farmland in China is contaminated by heavy metals. Click the following link to read full article from Fortune Magazine. https://fortune.com/2014/04/18/chinas-soil-pollution-its-much-worse-than-you-think/


Our production facilities are brand new and utilize the latest technology available. And we are constantly expanding. Since December 2018, we have added new drying facilities and installed new equipment to produce THC-Free, broad-spectrum CBD distillate. This equipment uses non-invasive organic filtration (chromatography) to remove the last trace amounts of THC (the psychoactive component found in hemp). Our latest investment was to purchase the equipment necessary to produce water-soluble CBD and we hope to be offering this in the near future. 

We are constantly investing in knowledge and upgrading our infrastructure so as to always  offer the best quality CBD oil possible.


General Processing stands out from its competitors with our rigorous dedicated quality assurance protocols.  It starts with our farmers all having the appropriate Colorado Department of Agriculture registration. Once the hemp enters our facility, each batch is assigned a specific identification code which allows us to follow its progress through all stages of processing with our tracking system.  As a result, we can trace every single CBD product jar or bottle back to the individual hemp bag and grower it originated from. This ensures the accountability of all of our suppliers.

Our on-staff chemist trains our staff and oversees all production, but we don’t rely on our internal quality control alone.  We take samples of every batch at multiple stages of production and send them to certified third party laboratories for full-panel testing.  We want to be absolutely certain of the purity and efficacy of our product. This ensures and confirms that our products are all THC-compliant and will NEVER contain heavy metals, pesticides or other contaminants often found in our competitors’ products.  We are more than happy to share our test results with anyone interested in purchasing our products. 


At General Processing, we guarantee to deliver only safe, consistent, high quality US hemp products and we’ll provide full panel test results at any time to prove it. Your customers deserve the most trusted CBD and hemp products on the market, let General Processing help you deliver with confidence.


Custom Strength Bulk TINCTURE 

For anything you dream of infusing with CBD, we have you covered! We are now offering made-to-order, custom strength CBD tinctures to meet the needs of your special product. If you already know the specifications you want, that’s great – contact us and we’ll get started. If you have an idea and would like to discuss the possibilities, that’s great, too! We’re happy to help. Either way, you can rest assured that your project will be made with some of the purest CBD on the market.

Contact us for special pricing!